Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The One In Which I Share Some Paintings

Getting to the point where I'm ready to share some of my paintings here has been a journey, one I'm still walking. :) Being afraid to put them, MYSELF, out there, possibly get negative feedback, possibly have people make assumptions about me, heck, even have positive feedback in which people say they want to buy a print (which has happened! And was both exhilarating and terrifying!). . . so much possibility, change, growth, and even more simmering there under the surface. . . Well, with some recent events I have finally realized, WHAT THE HECK AM I WAITING FOR?!?!?! Our time here is finite, how awful would it be to die and not even achieve my soul's purpose because I was too afraid to even start heading in that direction?

I have noticed, recently, this undercurrent of "I'm not old enough to do anything important". Wow. Working through that. It especially came clear when I heard on the radio that Pink is only one month older than me. WHY exactly is it that I'm not old enough? And how old IS old enough anyway? Crazy thoughts just trying to do their best to protect me, lol. :)

So anyway, here are a few that I have on this computer. I have more that I got scanned at Kinko's but require some photoshop work and since it's nearly 3 am I'm just going with these. :)

Consuming Fire

Yup, that's me in the middle of a fire being chased by a dog and crocodile. It's what came out one day when trying to paint while my kids were closing in around me and needing every last thing. Ahem.


Rainbow Connection

There for awhile the song "Rainbow Connection" was stuck in my head big time. But thankfully Kermit is such a wonderful singer that it was nice. :) This painting came of that, and after I let it out, the song wasn't stuck in my head anymore! I may have to try that again, although I'm kind of afraid to find out what an "I Smell Sex and Candy" painting might look like. . .

Be Here Now

I painted this as a reminder to myself because, well, I need the reminder! I just love it too, the colors, the splashes, everything. :)

So those are a few, and sometime I'll share some more. :)


  1. Yay, Yay, Yay!!!!!!

    How so courage-ful of you! BEAUTIFUL!!!! So happy to see you out here and you are as old as you choose to recognize. Age doesn't mean wisdom and if you are looking for that gauge, I would say check your soul age before you think you are not old enough :) Celebrating your breaking through the barrier <3

  2. Beautiful work Kathryn! Thanks for sharing them with us all. Drop that fear of sharing by the wayside and allow you to shine through your paintings. We all have something to give to this world, embrace this a being a part of it. Cheers! ~Kim