Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blog Directions

I've had some conflict recently about this blog, trying to figure out what direction it should take. My original intention was just to have a place where I document things we do. But then the definition of "doing" kind of gets in the way- what qualifies? Big projects? Fun things that other people might want to see? Academic looking things? and why do I want to share all of this with other people? To inspire them? To make myself accountable for getting things down?

And then I remember "What feels good about this? Follow that." And what feels good is sharing what I feel inspired to share! And not having guidelines or a required post count or even a specific direction. I've been feeling lately this struggle between the "out there" me and the "physically here in my body" me, like how can they exist in the same person? And I realized that by limiting my postings to things we are DOing in our life, things I can photograph or time or that resemble an activity, I'm cutting out and pushing away the philosophical, spiritual side once again, the side that reminds me to just BE. That often looks like DOing nothing.

So that's what feels good. Following my inspirations, my intuition, my joy and having them lead me to post or not. So this blog may get kind of chaotic and jumbled, or it may not. Maybe it will help me see how the two sides of me combine. Or maybe it will fizzle and die. Kind of exciting to see. I am looking forward to it. :)

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